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What Is A Soulmate?

Many theories exist as to what is a soulmate.  The original roots of the concept go back to a belief in reincarnation.  A soulmate is someone that you have encountered in many different life times and have loved many times.  That is why the first time you meet them in this lifetime you feel as if you have known them forever.  There is a mystical deja vu energy right from the start.  Can you have more than one soulmate during your lifetime?  Originally, the answer was no.  As the definition of the word soulmate has changed, so has that answer.  Religious and spiritual beliefs deeply affect how various people view the concept of soulmates.

First, let me give a very basic explanation of reincarnation so that within that context the various theories as to what a soulmate is and how many you can have in one lifetime will make more sense.  The core belief regarding reincarnation is that the creator casts the souls down onto the planet to live out a number of lifetimes until a bunch of predetermined lessons have been learned.  Once those souls have finished learning all of their lessons, then they no longer have to come back as humans and can move on to another level where they become guardian angels or spirit guides over those who are still living out their life lessons.  There are as many different variations on this concept as there are religions.

There has been a lot of research done to try and better understand the whole concept of past lives.  You can find thousands of stories of people who have never met that remember the exact same past life together.  There are stories of people who under hypnosis are able to recite details about a past life that are later researched and proven to be accurate.  The research is still going on and nobody has proven for sure that we do or do not live more than once.  However, there are enough fascinating case studies to warrant further research and debate.

It was originally believed that soulmates are created when the creator takes a soul and splits it into two, as it is cast into human form.  Each half is supposed to learn the life lessons at its own pace.  When the two halves sometimes cross paths during various lifetimes, they have a cosmic powerful bond because they really are of the same soul.  They complete each other.  They are often very much alike, and the intensity of the connection is too much for a mere human with emotions and issues to handle, so they painfully end up parting ways.  When they both finish their lessons, they are both reunited in heaven and come together as a beautiful representation of love and unity.  This is also known as your twin flame.  Only one person is the other half of your soul.

Another belief within the reincarnation teachings is that we spend numerous lifetimes with the same group of souls so that we can learn through karma.  In one lifetime, someone might be your spouse.  In the next, they might be your twin brother.  And in the next, they might be your worst enemy, and so on.  The idea is that through all of these lifetimes together you learn cause and effect, an eye for an eye, what comes around goes around.  You may have abandoned your sick mother in one life and in the next life she is your husband and then abandons you.  Now the karma string is cut and you can move on through your other lessons without owing that debt anymore.  These karma-mates feel very familiar and intense when you first meet them.  It feels as if you have some predestined life goal together.  You can have many different karma-mates in one life.  You can definitely love a karma-mate in numerous lifetimes and to some extent it can be easier than loving a soulmate.

Loving a soulmate or twin flame is often difficult because we are not usually able to love and accept ourselves, so why would we be able to love the other half of our own soul?  It is somewhat easier to love a karma-mate because the relationships are not as intense.  They usually have a karmic reason for showing up in our lives, and we have agreed to meet and fall in love with them in order to work together on a project.  Karma-mates can be easier to love and easier to hate.  Soulmates can be deeply psychically connected with amazing love at first sight stories that end in magical happily-ever-after scenarios.  Unfortunately, we are not usually evolved enough to handle something as intense as another person sharing our deepest soul level.  Older souls that have many lifetimes of lessons and enlightenment under their belts have an easier time accepting such a deep connection with another person.

Today, people use the word soulmate to mean anyone that you fall madly in love with and feel the heavens have blessed your relationship.  There are people claiming that more and more soulmates are being brought together during this time in history so that they can unite their forces to bring healing and loving energy back to this planet.  Since nobody can prove or disprove any of this, who is to say that all of the great loves in your life, were not all soulmates.  It used to mean a very rare and cosmic match that shares your same soul.  All love is sacred and holy no matter what you believe about reincarnation and soulmates.  We are better off not trying to force it into any one definition or to create a bunch of dogmatic rules around who does or does not get to call their beloved by the name of soulmate.  Beautiful love stories will always exist with or without reincarnation being proven true or false.  Love at first sight will always exist.  Love will always be a mysterious magical unknown that nobody can fully explain.