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Scorpio 2012 Horoscope

The Major Trends and Themes

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Jupiter expands whatever he touches.  He usually spends about 13 months in each zodiac sign.  His job is to bring joy, adventure, open-mindedness, advanced education, travel, global perspectives, and a sense that we are all one big happy family and not so very different from each other.  Because of his expansive tendencies, he brings "prosperity" and "abundance" to whatever concept he is focused on.  If things are good, he brings an abundance of good.  If things are bad, he brings an abundance of bad.

As 2012 begins, Jupiter is still in Taurus and your seventh house until June 11th when he moves into Gemini and your eighth house.

In Taurus, Jupiter helps to expand Taurus' love of financial security, materialism, comfort, status, self-worth, and "mine".  Taurus rules over assets, wages, salaries, personal wealth, net worth, and one's sense of self-esteem.  Globally, we will see the economy rebounding in a strong and stable manner.  Like Taurus the Bull, we could also see an increase in stubbornness, caution, and conservatism.  After Aries' fiery power, it is natural to then move into a strong but quiet personal power.  Taurus loves good food, good wine, a comfortable sized savings account, and the ability to relax and enjoy the finer things in life without fear of poverty or competition.  Jupiter helps to boost this type of environment.

For Scorpio, Jupiter will be in your seventh house of marriage, best friends, business partnerships, rivals, enemies, and competitors (think yin-yang).  Your romantic, social, and business partnerships will do well with Jupiter blessing this area of your chart.  Your closest partnerships should be filled with joy, adventure, and plenty of good times.  If you are looking for a new partner, this could be the time to ask friends and acquaintances to introduce you to all kinds of new people.  With Taurus' involvement, you could find that financial partnerships are also blessed.  You are looking for security and someone that you can count on to always be there.  When other planets clash with Jupiter, there will be the possibility that rivals and competitors become more annoying than usual.

In Gemini, Jupiter brings mixed blessings.  Jupiter and Gemini are opposite sides of the same coin.  Gemini rules local communities, one-on-one communications, daily commutes, elementary school level knowledge, small town thinking, siblings, cousins, and extended family.  Jupiter rules countries, mass media, long-distance travel, universities, global awareness, and foreigners.  Both love freedom, flirting, bonding with others, and having fun.  When left to do as he pleases within Gemini, Jupiter will help everyone to be better communicators.  We will all have a little easier time expanding our horizons while staying close to home.  And we should all be able to get along with our neighbors, relatives, and local community members a bit easier.  Industries involving computers, communications, automobiles, local transportation, community outreach, and/or elementary schools should do better while Jupiter is traveling through Gemini.  When other planets clash with Jupiter during his time in Gemini, he could cause people to become lazy thinkers, more bigoted, and/or scattered and unfocused.

For Scorpio, Jupiter will be in your eighth house of trust and sharing, intimacy, fidelity, spousal and child support, joint assets, joint ventures, investments, stocks, commissions, royalties, tips and gratuities, inheritances, loans, lotteries, taxes, and other forms of profit sharing.  He is the planet of good luck and prosperity, so financial activities involving Gemini topics mentioned above as well as sales, bartering, trading, writing, speaking, etc could also do quite well.  Regardless of what industry you work in, Jupiter will do his best to help you increase your profits.  He will also try to bring good luck, joy, and a sense of optimism to your love life.

Saturn creates our personal challenges and "tough love" learning experiences.  He usually spends about two and a half years in each zodiac sign.  His job is to create learning experiences that are often uncomfortable but ultimately quite meaningful.  Saturn rules over karma, cause and effect, ethics, and our sense of civic duty.  Therefore, it is not only important that we learn our life lessons well, but that we also conduct ourselves with honor and integrity while going through these challenges.  If we stay out of trouble, behave ethically, buckle down, and learn our lessons well, then Saturn rewards us with a gift just before he leaves a zodiac sign.  For example, if Saturn were traveling through the area of our charts that deals with professionalism, leadership, and success, then he would teach us some tough lessons about those concepts.  Then, if we learned lessons about professional reputations, taking on leadership roles, etc, and we behaved ourselves while doing so, Saturn would reward us with a job promotion, professional kudos, public recognition, etc.  We would be better at our jobs, better at leading our companies and communities, and/or we would be better at marketing and advertising ourselves.  If on the other hand, we did not learn any lessons about our professional conduct, leadership style, etc, or we were unethical, blamed others for our problems, cheated, lied, etc then Saturn would simply move on to the next zodiac sign and we would have nothing to show for all the drama and trouble that we had just endured.  Saturn gets a bad reputation because many people think he is simply mean for the heck of it.  When in actuality, he is like a "tough love" parent forcing us to grow up and act like a responsible adult.  Might not be very fun, but the rewards are well worth it.

As 2012 begins, Saturn is still in Libra and your twelfth house until October 5th when he moves into Scorpio and your first house.

While in Libra, Saturn focuses on our partnerships.  Libra rules over marriage, best friends, business partnerships, and competitors (think yin-yang).  While in this zodiac sign, Saturn forces us all to look at who we choose to partner with, what kind of partnerships we like, and how we behave within our partnerships.  It is not uncommon for marriages to suffer, best friends to "break up", and for business partnerships to dissolve.  Competitors can become vicious, especially if they are pointing out real flaws in our character and not just making stuff up.  Libra rules diplomacy, fairness, justice, and mediation too.  Globally, we could see these topics becoming quite challenging for all countries.  Various government leaders will be challenged to pick carefully which countries they choose to partner with and which they choose to keep as enemies.  They would do well to remember Saturn's focus on karma, integrity, and civic responsibility.

For Scorpio, hosting Saturn in your twelfth house of mental health, spiritual mysteries, secrets, bureaucracies, and hidden forces that work behind the scenes could be very painful.  Whenever Saturn travels through someone's twelfth house, there is an increased chance for depression and dark brooding.  Part of this is because Saturn forces us to face the reality of our attitudes, our self-defeating behaviors, our addictions, skeletons in our closets, self-destructiveness, and the fact that sometimes life just is not fair.  Bureaucracies, red tape, stupid policies, and such can cause us all kinds of problems and it is very difficult to create smart simple solutions to these problems.  Life lessons involving these topics can feel hopeless and as if there is no point in even trying to overcome them.  It is not unusual for people with Saturn in the twelfth house to become suicidal or to at least withdraw from "reality" as best they can.  The desire to avoid feeling bad is a very powerful motivator in all of us, so it is not surprising that suicide, drugs, alcohol, and other escapist tendencies become more appealing.

In Scorpio, Saturn finds himself in friendly territory.  Scorpio rules over things like trust, loyalty, and profits.  While Saturn rules over an area of the zodiac that focuses on civic duty, professionalism, success, and leadership.  Saturn rules over karma and Scorpio rules over trust.  Saturn is very comfortable traveling through Scorpio.  While in Scorpio, Saturn will be testing us, teaching us, challenging us, and/or revealing karma owed concerning the topics of trust and sharing, intimacy, fidelity, spousal and child support, joint assets, joint ventures, investments, stocks, commissions, royalties, tips and gratuities, inheritances, loans, lotteries, taxes, and other forms of profit sharing.  Scorpio also rules over hidden agendas, secret motivations, deep psychological issues, and those times when we want to hide away in our secret cave to lick our wounds and heal from some harsh battle, emotional trauma, etc that we have endured.  Scorpio brings us the life-death-rebirth cycles and the Phoenix Rising phenomena.  Those who have been greedy, selfish, and irresponsible with investments, stocks, and other profit sharing activities could find that karma is not so kind to them.  Globally, we might find that it is time to revamp our financial systems and to make things more fair, honest, and equitable.  Scorpio also rules over romantic commitments, fidelity, and the sharing of intimate secrets.  Saturn will expect us all to conduct ourselves more ethically within our love lives and to not be selfish or dishonest with our lovers.

For Scorpio, Saturn is now going to focus his "tough love" teaching moments on Scorpio and your first house of outer personality, self-identity, appearances, and concepts of "me, myself, and I". Hosting Saturn in your own sign and your first house of "me" can be very painful.  The core of who you are, what you believe in, how you present yourself to the outside world, just being Scorpio-like in your life is what is being challenged.  It is easy to feel as if you are in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation while Saturn travels through the first house.  Your clothing, hairstyle, posture, personality, self-image, and overall presentation are being questioned.  You could find others are judging you, challenging you, and/or just mad at you for being so very "Scorpio".  Or you could find that you are the one who is being so critical and hard on yourself.  Your inner-critic could go into overdrive.  Remember that the goal is for you to have more self-confidence, to present the best possible version of yourself, and to learn how to showcase your Scorpio qualities in a favorable and effective manner.  Be open to self-analysis and critiques but be careful not to buy into every single grouchy person's opinion of you.  After all, the lesson Saturn might choose to teach you is the ability to say, "Your opinion of me is really none of my business!"

Uranus is the eccentric genius, rebellious teenager, and social networking guru of the zodiac.  He usually spends about 7 years in each zodiac sign.  He rules over friends, teams, clubs, committees, professional associations, networking, science, interconnectivity, electricity, and the Internet.  He can bring teamwork, friendships, networking, and a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves into our lives.  He can also bring stubbornness, eccentricity, rebellion, and perversity.  This is because at his core, he is trying to convince us to be our unique individual selves but also to be a great team player.  Thus, like a teenager, he is trying to find himself while being very susceptible to peer pressure.  Those who master Uranus' teachings often make charming and charismatic leaders.  Uranus also encourages us to think outside the box and brings a certain eclectic brilliance into our lives.  Like the eccentric genius and the rebellious teenager, he brings pleasant surprises and unexpected chaos.  Uranus promotes humanitarian ideals like brotherhood, "all for one and one for all", and "united we stand, divided we fall."  He is not asking us to be sheeple following the crowd mentality with blind faith.  He is asking us to know our unique gifts and to be strong enough in our self-knowledge to be able to work well in a team and to be able to socialize without losing our sense of individuality.

As 2012 begins, Uranus is still in Aries and your sixth house where he will stay for the next few years.

There are zodiac signs where Uranus shines and is emboldened to bring about wonderful brotherly love and incredible scientific advances, like when he was in his own zodiac sign, Aquarius from the middle of 1995 until the early part of 2003.  While there, the everyday use of the Internet took root and blossomed.  Prior to that, he was in Capricorn building the systems of the Internet.  Yes, the Internet has been around for a long time, but it was during the time that the planet in charge of the Internet was traveling through the zodiac sign in charge of the Internet, that the Internet seriously began to grow and expand into the incredible tool that it is today.  

From 2003 until 2010, Uranus was in Pisces.  Here he was somewhat subdued.  Pisces rules over the hidden forces that work behind the scenes.  Things like mental health, secrets, self-destruction, addictions, spiritual mysteries, bureaucracies, and "fogginess" are ruled by Pisces.  Therefore, we now have gambling, porn, and other self-destructive activities available online.  We also have government bureaucracies trying to legislate for or against Net Neutrality and spam.  We have all kinds of spiritual, mental health, self-help, and "positive attitude" information readily available as well.  Is it any wonder that people became addicted to the Internet?  On the other hand, Uranus' time in Pisces helped us to befriend people from all over the world that we otherwise would not have gotten to know.  Global brotherhood became much easier to encompass.  Pisces believes in sacrificing for the greater good and Uranus is a huge fan of humanitarianism.  Together, they brought us websites that work to educate and promote helping those less fortunate in other countries.  Uranus within Pisces helped us show our support to protestors in foreign countries and helped us send money and prayers to earthquake, tsunami, flood, and other disaster victims.  Uranus was "foggy" and stifled within Pisces, but not without his charms and brilliance.

Once Uranus moved into Aries, he began to have some fun.  Aries is innovative, entrepreneurial, competitive, and loves being the first one to come up with a new idea.  Uranus is in love with new technology, teamwork, being unique while being part of something bigger than one's self, and a brainstorming genius.  Both are extroverted, social, and stubborn.  Both are clever, fast, and pride themselves on their uniqueness.  Globally, we will probably see the Internet and new technology take off like crazy.  It will be interesting to see how the planet of teamwork and brotherly love affects the world while in the zodiac sign of warriors and "me first!"  Does "me" or "we" prevail?  It seems to me that this is a "we the people" time in history.  Governments, corporations, dictators, and others that would try to control the ignorant masses could find that "we the people" is a stronger and more passionate force to be reckoned with than what is expected.  The peasants might appear to be fat and lazy or uneducated and unorganized, but Uranus within Aries creates a lovely energy for uniting people under a single cause and motivating groups to move in unison.  We will see more of this in the voting booths as well as in the public marches and demonstrations.

For Scorpio, Uranus is in your sixth house of daily work tasks, to-do lists, coworkers, productivity levels, physical health, and "feeling useful".  Hosting Uranus in this area of your life can be exhilarating.  If you work in telecommunications, Internet technologies, science, web hosting, handheld electronic devices, and cell phone technology, you could find this to be an excellent energy to host in your daily work sector.  If your job requires teamwork, social networking, large group activities, committees, professional associations, etc, you will probably find it much easier to get these groups working together towards a common goal.  At times, coworkers, productivity levels, job assignments, and your health may become chaotic and uncertain, but overall, things should be more enthusiastic and brainstorming solutions should be a bit easier.  You could also find yourself longing to change jobs or maybe you will jump around from job to job looking for something more meaningful and more inline with your authentic self.  Uranus in the daily work sector is going to push you towards finding work that matches your core personality.  An extrovert is not meant to be working in solitude.  An innovative trendsetter should not be working in a heavily bureaucratic environment.  The idea is that we have an easier time succeeding and we give better performance levels to our employers if we find work that matches our natural talents.  You are not trying to be a spoiled brat, you are trying to find where you naturally fit into the scheme of things.

Neptune tries to bring emotional well-being, spirituality, and a bit of magic to whatever he touches.  Unfortunately, he also has a tendency to bring self-destruction, bureaucracies, and gullibility too.  He usually spends about 14 years in each zodiac sign.  Neptune rules over mental health, attitudes, intuition, secrets, spiritual mysteries, paranormal activities, charities, bureaucracies, and other hidden forces that work behind the scenes.  If things are good, he brings compassion and a touch of magic.  If things are bad, he brings delusions and fogginess.

As 2012 begins, Neptune is still in Aquarius and your fourth house until February 3rd when he moves into Pisces and your fifth house.  He will stay in this new location until 2025.

In Aquarius, Neptune has been behaving in sort of a yin-yang energy to Uranus.  Uranus was in Neptune's zodiac sign and Neptune was in Uranus' zodiac sign.  They were each doing their thing, but focusing on the other's topics.  While Uranus was creating brotherhood online, Neptune was trying to make mental health, spirituality, and bureaucracies work for everyone.  One brought teamwork to humanitarian causes; the other brought humanitarian causes to teamwork.  One said, "I am mentally healthy and self-assured so that I can be a great team player."  The other said, "I am a great team player so that I can feel mentally healthy and self-assured."  Is it any wonder that "Yes we can" became the global motto in 2008?  To some, it was a delusional concept full of lollypop dreams and gullible "kool-aid" drinking.  To others, it was the logical and necessary blending of global teamwork and universal compassion.

For Scorpio, Neptune has been blessing your fourth house of real estate, housing matters, roommates, parents, childhood issues, retirement circumstances, and "coming home".  During this time, when Neptune is clashing with or being opposed by other planets in the zodiac he can bring lies, deceptions, "fogginess", addictions, escapism, gullibility, and delusion to your home life.  Your parents could show signs of senility, you could find yourself wanting to hide away in your home rather than face the harsh realities of life, and/or you could simply find that roommates are behaving in fickle and bizarre ways.  You could have found that real estate deals were full of hidden loopholes and secret problems.  Sometimes having Neptune in the fourth house can mean that just trying to keep a roof over your head can be a challenge, and you might have found yourself struggling just to create a solid home life for yourself.  On the other hand, Neptune has been trying to bring mental health, spirituality, peace of mind, tranquility, and compassion into your private life.  He has also been trying to help you work through psychological issues regarding your parents and how you were raised.  Since Neptune rules over a water sign (Pisces), you could also have found yourself being drawn towards living in coastal towns or otherwise near the water.  There is a certain laidback, quiet, peaceful energy that comes from "living on the water" so to speak.  On the other hand, there is the possibility that you could have suffered water damage to your home.  Overall, Neptune's goal has been to bring his positive gifts to your home, your relationship with your parents and roommates, and to your ability to plan for a peaceful retirement.  He just does not handle negativity very well.

In Pisces, Neptune is literally at home.  Neptune rules over Pisces and the concepts of mental health, attitudes, addictions, self-destruction, dishonesty, gullibility, emotional well-being, inner peace, intuition, secrets, spiritual mysteries, paranormal activities, charities, hospitals, prisons, corporations, bureaucracies, and other hidden forces that work behind the scenes.  Neptune is stronger here than he has been in a very long time.  He will do his best to bring out the loving, compassionate, peaceful, charitable, and magical elements of Pisces.  However, there will be times when other planets are clashing with Neptune and he will instead bring deceit, delusion, and bureaucratic red tape into our lives.

For Scorpio, Neptune will be in your fifth house of personal pleasure, romance, lovers, playtime, children, pets, hobbies, creative talents, music, theater, the arts, luxury, and happiness.  You already approach these topics from an almost spiritual belief system.  Helping others, finding inner peace, being a loving and compassionate person towards yourself and others has become just that much easier.  You find joy in helping others find joy.  You love falling in love with the ideals of humanitarian concepts.  You could never be happy at the expense of others.  Your love life can be magical and beautiful, but it could also be delusional and so focused on an ideal soulmate that you actually stop yourself from being able to maintain a loving relationship.  You could love your children so much that you are blind to their flaws.  You could push for fun and playtime to the point that you are addicted or self-destructive.  Your heart is pure and your motives are wonderful, but you can have trouble seeing where fantasy and idealism stops and reality begins.  This is one of the best areas of the chart to suffer such overwhelming compassion and idealism.

Pluto psychoanalyzes, empowers, and/or heals whatever he touches.  He has an uneven pattern and can spend as little as 13 years or as much as 32 years in any given zodiac sign.  His job is to uncover the hidden truths within our lives and to either empower us with passion and self-righteousness, or to heal us by forcing us to go through a Phoenix Rising type of experience.  It can be painful to endure Pluto's scrutiny, but it can ultimately prove to be incredibly uplifting.  Personal rebirth is often the result of Pluto's passage through certain areas of the zodiac.  Pluto rules over trust and sharing.  It is often through hidden motivations, hidden assets, hidden agendas, hidden resources, and/or through loyalty and fidelity matters that we find out what we are really made of and we find out what our partners are really made of.  Pluto can reveal gifts, assets, stamina, and psychological resources that we had no idea existed within ourselves.  And Pluto can reveal the selfish, greedy, and emotionally crippling aspects of ourselves too.  All too often, he uses our need for sexual intimacy and financial teamwork (trust and sharing) to teach us these lessons.  The reason that Scorpios are known to be so revengeful is because Scorpio co-rules over the trust and sharing concepts with Pluto.  Breaking trust is the worst thing you can do to a Scorpio.  From Scorpio's perspective, nothing could possibly be more important than the ability to trust others.

As 2012 begins, Pluto is still in Capricorn and your third house.  He moved into this area of your life in 2008 and will stay here until January 2024.

In Capricorn, Pluto focuses on doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  Capricorn rules over professionalism, leadership, goals and aspirations, success, civic duty, public recognition, and earning the respect of our peers.  Remember earlier when we talked about Saturn and how he teaches us about karma, cause and effect, and "tough love" style life lessons.  Saturn rules Capricorn and so Capricorn embraces the concepts of "tough love", doing one's civic duty, and ideas like "If I don't take care of this, who will?"  When in Sagittarius, Pluto promoted exploring the world and all of the various cultures, peoples, religions, etc.  Sagittarius promoted freedom to explore and to dabble in various religious and cultural teachings.  The idea that all religions are more alike than different and therefore we can pick and chose bits and pieces of which ones we like is a very Sagittarian approach to religion and spirituality.  We focused on global travel, politics, and mass media.  Pluto had a good time digging deep down into the truth about our political beliefs, our religious practices, our international diplomacy, and such.  Now, he is focusing on the business systems, ethics, integrity, and professionalism of our world.  Do the large corporations follow ethical business practices?  Do we have integrity in our government agencies?  Do we as individuals, as communities, as states, as countries... do we take on a parental role and look out for those in need or do we focus on our own personal agendas?  It may not feel like a lot of fun, but this is the perfect energy for fixing the economic system, the environmental policies, the human rights violations, the health care system, welfare programs, voting fraud, etc.  Big systems that are broken can be fixed, healed, restructured, and/or demolished in a smart and tenacious manner.  We have the planet of passion, truth, and rebirth focused on the zodiac sign of responsibility, integrity, and leadership.

For Scorpio, Pluto is in your third house of communications, commerce, and community.  You should find that it becomes a lot easier to get your point across to others and to be able to negotiate for what you need.  You have the planet of "our money and our bodies" in the house of "does my word and a handshake mean anything?" in the zodiac sign of "professionalism and integrity."  This makes it an amazingly strong energy for commercial activities and business negotiations.  You could create some very lucrative business contracts at this time.  Because Capricorn is involved, you do have to work, the money probably will not come from lotteries or inheritances.  However, you have the planet of passion and hidden resources blessing your negotiations and communications sector, so your career should really benefit from Pluto's placement in your chart.  It may seem like you just "know" what to say to get people to agree with you.  This is also a great energy for getting along with your extended family, your neighbors, and others within your community.  Again, you have the perfect words to persuade others to agree with you.

There are times during this year when these big slow moving planets clash with each other and create a huge uproar in everyone’s life and there are times when they team up together to accomplish great things in our lives.  More detailed forecasts explaining how these slow moving planets will interact with each other (including how the faster more temperamental planets will affect us) are also available.

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