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Recognizing Your Spiritual Calling

What is my spiritual calling?  How will I recognize it when I am stumbling along through life?  It is vogue right now to have a spiritual calling and to follow it to some form of higher awareness.  But how can you know when you have found it?  Doesn’t the mind have a tendency to play games with us?  Isn’t it quite possible that people want so badly to be chosen for a particular life path that they convince themselves that this is the one they were destined to follow?  “It must be my destiny because I love it so much.”  I asked the heavens to shine a little light on this topic for me.  What would you have me tell them about their spiritual callings?  

I was immediately shown a vision.  I saw the Running of the Bulls.  You have seen the documentaries about that city in Spain where they have the annual run.  It is a hugely popular event.  People come from all over the world to outrun the bulls as they charge through the city streets.  People are maimed and even die in this event.  Every time I see it, I am absolutely outraged.  It is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.  What in the world would possess you to do such a stupid thing!?  Who in their right mind would ever run with the bulls?  And what of the spectators lined up along the streets waving, laughing, and cheering them on?  It is horrible proof of the sheer stupidity of humanity!  I sat there in my meditation watching the Running of the Bulls replayed over and over.  Why would this be Heaven’s answer to how people can recognize their spiritual calling?  

I heard my angels laughing as they pointed out to me that how I feel about other people Running with the Bulls is exactly how “normal” people see my spiritual calling and me.  We are not so very different after all.  As I ponder this, I feel the energy of those runners.  I understand the sheer power and force of the bulls.  The call to do spiritual work is the same.  It is such a wild passionate force that is both frightening and exhilarating.  It sweeps you up and carries you along just as the runners are carried through the streets.  Yes, those who just do not “get it” will ridicule you.  Yes, there are those who are not called to run with you but they will stand along the sidelines cheering you.  An undeniable energy sweeps over, around, and through you.  The two actually do parallel each other very well.  I will never run with the bulls, but now I understand the energy that drives those who do.

I was asked in an interview what advice did I have for entrepreneurs who are just starting their companies.  I told them to “make sure you really really love what you are doing because you do not own the business, it owns you.  You will work more hours for no pay then you ever would for any boss.  You will dig, scrape, curse, and bite for quite awhile before it takes off.  It is very rare that people make it big overnight.  Plan to have another source of groceries and rent money for at least a year, maybe two years.  If you won the lottery and never had to work another day, would you still do this work?  If not, don’t bother.  You know you are in the right line of work when you would give it away for free just to get to be a participant.”  As I reflect on what it means to follow a spiritual calling, I see that this advice really holds true for callings too.  Perhaps it is true for anyone who wants to live a life of passion.

Your spiritual calling will own you.  It will call to you with a force unlike any other job or career.  Throughout my childhood and well into my twenties I would fantasize about being a famous singer and a dancer.  I could have been Janet Jackson or Melissa Etheridge.  I just know it!  I have such an intense connection with and love for music and dance.  I wanted so badly for that to be my destiny.  I wanted it to be my future, my calling.  I hated my writing classes and I was terrified of public speaking.  Yet, after ten years of fighting with that incredible force of energy, like the Running of the Bulls, I surrendered to writing and giving voice to certain philosophies of life.  Within that power and drive pushing and shoving me towards this work is a peace and calmness that I cannot find words to describe.  You do not follow your calling because it is neat or cool.  You follow it because within the overwhelming energy is a love so tender and calm that it humbles you to tears.  That is how you know it is your calling.  It whispers to you.  It owns you.  You will know it because you will realize that giving of yourself is more powerful then anything else you could ever experience.  Being in service to Spirit is the most freeing and powerful thing you will ever know.

If you are not called, do not feel that you are less of a person or that you are somehow not being spiritual enough.  That is your own inner critic telling you that you ought to be doing some type of holy sacred work or that you must not be good enough for angels to talk to you.  That is ridiculous.  One of the greatest blessings that a person can receive from the heavens is permission to do whatever you want for as long as you like.  Those of you who do not hear the calling are allowed to live, grow, laugh, and play at whatever entertains you.  Find your passion and do not worry about spiritual callings.  Somebody has to be the audience, the recipient.  If you are not being healed, then role model what happiness looks like for those that are in need of healing.  Show them joy.

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