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Capricorn’s Child

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You don’t raise a Capricorn child; they have no need of parenting in the classical sense.  Capricorn children are little old kings who cannot quite remember where they are or where they have placed their crowns.  Being a Capricorn child is like being a brilliant adult and having partial amnesia, you know that you know everything about everything but you just cannot quite remember it at the moment.  You do not want to let on to everyone around you that you do not have a clue what the adults are talking about, so you simply wing it and join in with the belief that any minute now you really will know what is being discussed and will not appear foolish or stupid.  They walk around with their heads held high as if they have not lost their crown and soon enough, they become natural leaders.

They need for you to reassure them that yes they are still likeable and loveable despite their intelligence.  Capricorn children are often very studious and well organized.  They are often teacher’s pet and mommy’s best little helper.  They are rarely rude or out of control in their behavior because that would make them look childish and immature.  Since they need so desperately to be respected, they monitor themselves to the point of not being able to break out of their shells.  They usually enjoy school until the teenage years when popularity becomes a concern.  It can be extremely painful for them to find out that everyone knows they are smart, but nobody really wants to date them.  Capricorn children often present themselves like Spock from Star Trek when in reality they are very warm, loving, loyal, and sensitive people.  The most wonderful gift you can give your Capricorn child is the belief that they are lovable and likeable.

They need for you to give them permission to laugh and play.  Because Capricorn children are so well behaved, they often are overlooked while teachers and parents focus on their more unruly children.  Pay special attention and you will likely notice that Capricorn children wait for permission to play and to laugh.  They have a delightful sense of humor and a wonderfully creative imagination, but they are afraid that if they are too childish, that people will frown upon them.  I have only met two kinds of Capricorn adults – those that are horribly depressed because all they do is work work work and those who have a twinkle in their eyes like little elves who have just played a delicious prank and are simply waiting for everyone to notice.  Your Capricorn child will have a work ethic and a secret joke in their heart.  You will need to teach them that it is okay to take time off from work to simply laugh and play.  This is also the key to their popularity issues.  If Capricorn children felt secure enough to share their humor with their classmates, they would have an instant set of admirers.  

They need for you to understand that they have an innate sense of right from wrong and that if you constantly harp on them about the rules, you are basically calling them stupid.  They know the rules and they will not forget them.  Most of the time, they will conduct themselves quite honorably.  If they decide to break the rules, they either have a very good reason to set the rules aside or they have determined that the rule does not apply to them.  Remember the old king thing?  If they deem that your house rules are foolish and make no sense, then they will not follow them.  If you are making rules just as a form of control and it interferes with something they feel like doing, then forget it.  If you want a Capricorn child to follow your rules, then you have to explain to them why your rules exist.  They will politely listen to you and as long as you are not blowing smoke, they will honor your rules simply because they know how much the rules mean to you.  Loyalty and logic occasionally battle within their hearts, but whenever possible they will choose loyalty over logic.

Capricorn children know that they are smart and capable.  They end up coming across as if they are arrogant.  What they do not know is if they are respected and if they are worthy of love.  They have self-esteem issues because of this.  They are so easily overlooked that parents do not even realize when they are neglecting the emotional health of their little Capricorns.  Give them a safe place to learn how to be smart and funny.  Laugh and play with your Capricorn.  Look them straight in the eye when you tell them how proud you are of them for stepping out of their comfort zone and trying to make a heart-to-heart connection with others.

Capricorn cartoon