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Dear readers,

I have been back in school for the last few years and am working towards a PhD in Clinical Psychology as well as becoming nationally certified as a hypnotherapist.  I have had a really hard time juggling this business and the demands of grad school.  Therefore, I have decided after a couple of years of tough decision making and contemplation to retire from astrology and to shut down this website.

However, I will still be a self-help, motivational, and psychology related writer.  Also, I will still be available for pep talks, problem solving, one-on-one consultations, life coaching, or whatever you like to call it.  This can be done via email, Skype, or the telephone.

Once I complete my doctorate and become licensed within the state of California to practice as a psychologist, then I will switch to that career.  For now, this is a slimmed down transition towards my future career.

Instead of juggling the work of websites, mailing lists, and newsletters, I will just maintain a blog and my Facebook page.  You can follow me on either one in order to stay in touch, read new posts that I will share, and to get in touch with me for private conversations.

Possibilities Beckoning

Skye Thomas on Facebook

New articles and some of the old ones will be posted on the blog.

I do not personally know of any other astrologers doing the same style of personalized work that I used to do.  However, there are a lot of astrologers on the Internet now, so I doubt you will have too much trouble finding someone you resonate with.

I hope you will “friend” me on Facebook and follow the new blog.  I would love to stay in touch and continue to cheer each other on.  So many of you have written over the years and offered such kind words of encouragement and appreciation.  I hope to continue being of service… just in a new way.

take care,

Skye Thomas

“Life coaching” services have been moved

to the new blog/website…

The ebook listed beside this note will be available for

a few more weeks and then it will be discontinued.

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